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Success Story

High FSH, Chronic Pain

Very often fertility specialists neglect to determine if their client experiences chronic pain, or has had some trauma to her body. Often, these women are fearful about pregnancy increasing their pain. Additionally, chronic pain often results from and contributes to chronic inflammation. This in turn can raise insulin and stress hormone levels, which then can adversely affect reproductive hormone levels. In addition to the mind/body/spiritual work I offer; I find that these clients do well with body therapies such as, acupuncture, visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy.

Thirty percent of fertility challenges are diagnosed as unexplained by fertility specialists.

Ana was one of those who fell into this group. She was referred to me by her fertility specialist after her In Vitro Cycle(IVF) failed. She was intrigued by mind-body approaches, and knew this was something she desired. She knew she needed to be in a different place–physically, emotionally and spiritually before she could attempt another IVF cycle. During our first session, when I was intuitively scanning her body, I discerned lots of inflammation in Ana’s mid back. What Ana’s fertility specialist did not know or address, was that Ana experienced chronic back pain. After four sessions with me and concurrent sessions with a naturopath/acupuncturist, she was pregnant!

The twist to Ana’s story, is that the month before learning she was pregnant, she had revisited her fertility specialist and, after a disappointing series of numbers and tests, began planning on a donor egg in-vitro cycle.

What contributed to Ana’s success story was that she really learned how to relax and let go. The ability to connect with and dialogue daily with her unborn baby increased her confidence in her body and her fertility. She was then able to become a participant with her fertility, rather than a victim of it. What was important about her attitude, was that she was quite content with her mind/body/spirit work before conceiving, because she knew she needed to feel differently inside herself. As a result, she was enjoying relaxing and meditating to nourish and strengthen herself, and then she conceived. She didn’t approach relaxing and meditating as a goal or tool whose sole purpose was to get her pregnant. The more Ana grounded, relaxed and connected with her body and unborn baby, the more her pain diminished. She went on to experience an enjoyable pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby boy born around his due date.


Success Story

Baby in Breech Position

Many women call me when they learn that their baby is in a breech position. Carol called me upon learning her second baby was breech during her 31st week of pregnancy. Her first baby, despite attempt at turning, remained breech and she had a c-section birth.

Carol very much desired a vaginal birth. Upon connecting with Carol’s little boy, we learned that he felt that there was not enough room or welcoming space lower in Carol’s pelvis. Further discussion with Carol revealed how her sister’s daughter had died shortly after birth.

Carol’s fear about losing her baby, and wanting to keep him safe closer to her heart contributed to causing constriction and tightness in her lower uterus and pelvis. Carol connected with her pelvis, released and let go of holding this pregnancy in so tight.

Upon my suggestion to either receive some Rolfing or Chiropractic work; she visited with a midwife who was also a Rolfer who did some gentle releasing of the muscular layers in her pelvis, creating more physical space in her pelvis.

During these sessions with the Rolfer, Carol concentrated on making room in her pelvis for her baby; and on releasing the fear and safety issues we had identified in our session.
Carol contacted me at 36 weeks, to inform me that her baby boy, Nicholas, had turned head down. One week later she went into labor, went on to have a very healing, satisfying vaginal birth.




Success Story

Unexplained Infertility with History of Date Rape

L’s story is one of those miracle stories which demonstrate to me the power of healing. What I remember about her powerful session with me is the lack of pressure for what we were doing to make it work – coupled with her desire to conceive her baby with her power of being a whole woman.

Sadly, but true, L’s experience is not a unique one. More women than not, have experienced a sexual assault. The guiding definition of a sexual assault is any non-consensual sexual contact; which includes, incest, and date rape. Most assaults occur with someone the victim is familiar with.

In my work with teens, it is not uncommon that their first sexual experience is a date rape. There is little research which explores the long-term effects that such a traumatic and profound event has on a woman’s long term reproductive health and functioning. Many women, like L push it to the background – saying “I have dealt with it and it is in the past” and never pursue counseling. Many women avoid counseling because of their fear of re-opening and re-experiencing the assault and all of the pain and traumatic sensations associated with it. In my experience, the body does not forget this trauma until it is held and healed and will keep creating pelvic issues (such as PID, ovarian cysts, abnormal uterine bleeding, Pre Term Labor, Uterine fibroids) until healing has happened. Many women find the counseling and assistance of a local Sexual assault center, even years after the event, to be an essential step in their healing path. Therapists trained in Somatic Expression Therapy, EMDR,Brain Spotting or other trauma modalities can quickly assist a woman in healing this experience and becoming whole.

Within 2 months of our initial session in which L  had said yes to my question about her assault, L was pregnant! After our session, she committed to working with a local trauma art therapist. During that time, she reclaimed her womb space as a safe and “clean” place for her baby to come and land. She also connected with her baby spirit daily.

It is L’s and my intention that her powerful story of emotional courage and healing assist other women in their path to becoming a mother.

A few months ago L gave birth, vaginally, to her healthy and amazing daughter, who, she strongly feels, is the same being we connected with in her initial session.

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I came to Teresa through the incredible Dr. Christiane Northrup. I was 37 years old, not even sure I was ever going to have kids. Not sure if I even could. I’d spent many years believing that something may be wrong with me. I had irregular periods. And my husband and I didn’t use any birth control for years, and never got pregnant. So, I was at the time desiring really learning about my body, my fertility, my cycle. I had decided that being a woman, I owed it to myself to really understand and appreciate my female reproductive organs. At the same time, I kept thinking about a baby. Not in the yearning sort of way, but in the hmmm…I keep thinking of a baby. Almost like it was behind me, tapping me on the shoulder.

So, when I heard about Teresa and her work as a birth intuitive, I jumped at the chance to have a session with her. Teresa’s medical knowledge and support was so empowering as a woman. I knew that she was going to assist me with figuring out my cycles – both naturally, as well as getting me any tests that we thought might be necessary. She asked me when my last period was…it had been over a month, but I told her that was normal for me. During that first session, she introduced me to the soul of my son. I know. I know. It was unbelievable and incredible. She assisted me in asking the little soul questions. When did it want to come in? (it showed me a calendar year), what color was I seeing (I saw blue). She then did a reading on it, telling me how sweet he was, how calm, and many other details. I left feeling elated, and scared…did I want to have a baby? What if I said I didn’t? She assured me I had a choice, that this soul would find another way in, just enjoy the information. No pressure.

I have to admit, it was really cool to know that my intuition had lead me to Teresa, to the perfect person to assist me with really acknowledging this persistent little soul. Anyhow, the next time we spoke was a month later. I still hadn’t had a period. Again, this had happened to me before, and I’d never been pregnant. When I told her this, she told me that I should just take a pregnancy test anyway. Just so she could be assured before she sent me for any tests. The next morning I took the test. I hadn’t even told my husband I was doing it, it had been negative so many times.

Imagine my shock when I peed on the stick and it said I was pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a huge grin on my face. I was ready for this baby! I have recommended Teresa to about 6 friends already, and I will continue to do so. I am blown away by her skills, her compassion, her energy, and her gifts. You should RUN to get an appointment with her. I am so blessed to have Aden and I know Teresa was a huge part of that process. Teresa, I cannot thank you enough! I am on my knees grateful to you. With Pleasure, Donna, NYC



I had a great experience working with Teresa. When I first contacted Teresa I was twenty five weeks pregnant with a breech presentation baby. From the start Teresa encouraged me with her vision of the baby being delivered normally. As a conclusion to this experience, I vaginally delivered the most beautiful and relaxed baby. I got so much out of these telephone sessions, not just at the moment, but well into the relationship I have started with my new infant daughter. I valued my experiences with Teresa. Putting aside all other reasons, I truly felt that they allowed me to connect with my intuition, and to trust my “gut feelings”.Melissa Albers, Mother of two, Account Manager Computer Sales




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