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Birth Intuitive

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Getting to the heart of the matter... your next steps

Welcome to Living Intutive Counseling

..... providing a unique safe space where you can learn how to cultivate and to trust using your intuition - as you take your next steps in this amazing, sometimes challenging journey we call life.


  • You are experiencing a life transition such as; a divorce, job/career change, or a health challenge
  • You are wondering What is my life purpose?
  • You want to better understand how to more consistently use and trust your intuition
  • You want to engage in a more holistic mind/body/ approach for surgery preparation

YOU HAVE LANDED  in a well grounded and resourced place. Intuitive Counseling is where you can discover and feel good about your answers.

Be supported and guided in one location, by one person who is a skilled and seasoned  Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and  Intuitive Counselor.

We all want to find a deeper meaning in our lives. My primary goal as an Intuitive Counselor is to empower you to understand your answers and individualized next steps. I help you to identify and to understand the root of your patterns and how you can shift that pattern.

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Depression Counseling

Teresa Robertson RN, CNM, MS, Birth IntuitiveTMCounseling

from Christiane northrup, m.d.

Teresa is a real pioneer. I consider her work to be the Obstetrics of the future, which involves connecting with your baby intuitively before it is born, working in partnership with the baby's consciousness.  A big part of the beauty of her work is that it empowers women, helping them to reinforce their trust in their own inner wisdom.

    Welcome to the Fertile Landscape of Birth Intuition TM Counseling Services

    This is a safe environment versed in the languages of Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, and Communication with your Spirit Baby.


    • You are thinking about becoming pregnant, and are looking for a more holistic approach as you invite your spirit baby into your body.
    • You are one of the 12% of families who are enduring the infertility merry- go-round.
    • You are pregnant, and want to better understand how to connect with your unborn spirit baby.
    • You are a same sex couple wanting to better understand how to navigate the baby making maze and desire a more natural and love infused process.
    • You  are an adoptive parent wanting to know more about and how to foster a deeper bond and connection with this new person who will be joining your family.

    Whatever your unique story may be; this is the place where you can experience concrete and compassionate support.

    Since 1996, Teresa has been integrating her distinctive, rich clinical background and skill sets as; a Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Midwife and Intuitive Counselor to create her cutting edge work as a provider of Birth IntuitiveTM  Services.

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