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Intuitive Counseling Sessions

With Teresa:

Intuitive Session: Initial 90 Minute Session $200

Intuitive Session: Follow Up 60 Minute Session $135

Intuitive Session Package: 3 Sessions
One 90 minute with Two 60 minute ( $20 savings

Intuitive Session Package: 5 Sessions
One 90 Minute, Four 60 minute ($45 savings)

Intuitive Session Package: 7 Sessions ,
One 90 minute, Six 60minute ($130 savings)




Enjoy Teresa’s  Birth Intuitive TM  Pregnancy Meditations throughout each  trimester of your pregnancy!


Use these SHORT 10 minute Morning and Evening podcasts or Mp3 Download TO:

Use as a grounding SUPPORT for you as you change and grow  throughout your pregnancy;

ENABLE  you and your partner (or support person) to cultivate and to deepen your bond with your unborn child;

EMPOWER you to deepen your inner mama and papa bear wisdom as you grow in your intuitive ability

PROVIDE you tools and techniques that will support you in co creating your days with your unborn child.

ENJOY and gain the benefits of daily meditation which include but are not limited to: increased energy and vitality, feelings of connection, well being, and optimism

Eight 1st TRIMESTER Meditations $35

Eight 2nd TRIMESTER Meditations   $35


Ten 3rd TRIMESTER  Meditations $40

ALL 3 TRIMESTERS 26 Pregnancy Meditations + 1 Bonus Postpartum Meditation  $95


Audio Recordings

Audio –
Before You Start Trying: How to Prepare Your Mind, Body and Spirit for Pregnancy (Intro & Parts 1 & 2)
Listen to a free audio intro if you care to preview this tele class!
Parts 1 and 2:  Join Teresa as she explores this unique mind/body/spiritual approach to pregnancy preparation designed for both men and women. Before you get on the “trying” merry-go- round come to assess where you are individually and as a couple for this life changing and exciting step. Learn how you can start nourishing yourself in preparation and in anticipation of welcoming this new member of your family. Begin to create time and space for this new person into your life. Explore and understand the deeply rewarding, strengthening, and validating aspects of preparing for a pregnancy as opposed to just learning about what you have to begin to deprive yourself of in order to get pregnant.



Audio –
Before You Start Trying: How to Prepare Your Mind, Body and Spirit for Pregnancy – Part 1

Audio –
Before you start trying: How to Prepare Your Mind, Body and Spirit for Pregnancy – Part 2

Audio –
Miscarriage: It’s is Not Just Bad Luck
In this 70 minute tele class with special guest Marleen Greenberg R.Ac., NTP, Dipl. Ac, CH, Teresa shares mind/spirit exercises for resolving your loss and reviews the tests and prevention measures you want to be aware of to prevent a future loss.Many doctors/providers are unaware of this leading edge information.