ALL the following are UNSOLICITED  Testimonials from clients.

Please know: if you choose to work with me, nothing you share will ever be used by me without your expressed permission; and never in a way that would  ever compromise your confidentiality.

littlelogo_peachIt took my breath away when, with Teresa’s comfort and guidance, I saw the daughter I was to adopt right there inside of me. I knew she would be a girl, I saw her beauty, I knew her dark features. Unlike anything I’d ever experienced before, I was able to connect to her and feel a peace I’d never known. She even gave me her name. Shortly after that, we met the young woman who would be her birth mother. Although she was pale and blonde, my beautiful daughter was indeed born as I’d seen her through my work with Teresa. She came to me once Teresa taught me of my own feminine energy, my power to create, connect, receive, know.  Once you are ready to open up your mind and heart to new ways of viewing this world and what is happening around us and inside of us, with Teresa’s help, anything is possible! Thank you so much Teresa for your healing, love, and support. Maddy thanks you too!– Alicelittlelogo_peach Teresa is an amazing woman who has helped provide clarity and guidance in many aspects of my life. The greatest gift that she has given me was the advice and direction that resulted in my beautiful daughter. She helped me to be physically, emotionally and spiritually able to have a child. She also helped me to connect with my daughter before, and after, her birth. I will be forever grateful to Teresa for her work and her energy!  Allison littlelogo_peachI had our third child vaginally after two c-sections. I had been through a lot in conceiving and birthing our first two children Teresa was actively involved in the process of clearing that facilitated our conceiving after three miscarriages between our first and second sons.In addition, the releasing work I learned from Teresa helped clear out the guilt and pain from the second c-section before conceiving child number three. Finally, in this last birth, after two pregnancies during which I tried to control the experience, I learned to listen to my body, to the baby coming in, and to become what I called “the river flowing around the rock.” Our third child, was born, VBAC. It even happened unintentionally at home where I could climb into bed and go right to sleep afterwards. I believe so strongly in the energy work that Teresa does that I have consulted her since to help with my health and my childrens’ health. She is such a wonderful resource. I wish I could afford to keep her on retainer!
-M from Arkansaslittlelogo_peach
I have to say thank you. I appreciated that you didn’t just do an intuitive reading…but you showed me the path to communicate with my baby…we have been practicing since….My time with you helped me as well as being a joy to experience. I took some new skills away and was reminded of some that I have but had not put to use.
–Dawn Marie and Summer, Norco, CAlittlelogo_peach
Teresa and I met after the birth and death of my second child, Tyson. I was in the first and most intense phase of grief and searching for answers that I was not going to get in the physical world. Not only did she help me discover the greater blessings of Tyson’s short life, but she guided me to a new level of awareness that has changed the way I experience everything around me. Teresa helped guide me through my next pregnancy by teaching me how to connect and bond with my unborn baby and helping me with the stress and anxiety that surrounded his upcoming birth. He was born after 1 1/2 hours of labor, less than a year after Tyson and is a strong, healthy well attached little man. -Shawna LaBorde, Telluride, COlittlelogo_peachI had a great experience working with Teresa. When I first contacted Teresa I was twenty five weeks pregnant with a breech presentation baby. From the start Teresa encouraged me with her vision of the baby being delivered normally. As a conclusion to this experience, I vaginally delivered the most beautiful and relaxed baby. I got so much out of these telephone sessions, not just at the moment, but well into the relationship I have started with my new infant daughter.I valued my experiences with Teresa. Putting aside all other reasons, I truly felt that they allowed me to connect with my intuition, and to trust my “gut feelings”.
– Melissa Albers, Mother of two, Account Manager Computer Saleslittlelogo_peach
Thanks Teresa for the transformational work you shared with our family while my daughter was in utero. Though we had planned for a home birth, McKinna went breech in our 33rd week. The session you did for us helped calm our fragile nerves around the birth and moreover, proved to be a huge healing for me, not only as mother, but as an individual and healer. Thank you for these gifts you share and for doing so with love and compassion. Thank you for helping me and reminding me how we are fully supported by the universe!Though McKinna never did flip, it reminded me in my own intuitive practices that we aren’t always “right,” but that we deliver the messages needed to propel our clients and ourselves to the next step. Thank you Teresa and keep shining your magnificence!
– Andye Murphy, Lyons, CO, Mom, Psychic & Founder of Psychic Kids Support Group (
Teresa assisted me when I waited for some genetic tests to come back. I was really concerned about my baby’s having Down’s Syndrome. Her medical background helped me understand the test levels and all of that type of information. Later in the session, she had me connect with the baby to ask it to tell me if it was ok.The message I got back loud and clear was “It’s all cool mom. Everything is fine.” I immediately felt relief!Aden was born in February, within the calendar year. He’s healthy. He is also a very calm and sweet and happy baby. Just what had come through in the readings.
– With pleasure, Donna NYClittlelogo_peach
I just have to tell you how much you rock. The support you have given us has been so crucial to how well we are all doing through this life-changing event. And I want to share what happened today with you. Right now I feel very empowered. The tools you have been teaching me to connect with Noah, our guides and to hear my own intuition really paid off today in a gratifying way. Noah was fussy all day and last night as well. I had been trying to think what was causing it. He was very unconsolable. Finally, I decided to connect with Noah, his guardian angel and my guides to find out the cause to Noah’s obvious pain. I will spare you the details but finally I just knew it was his IV causing the pain. Once the nurse removed it, he was much better and is finally getting some much needed rest. Thank you very much.
– Sheila Blakney, Telluride,COlittlelogo_peach
When our daughter has any medical procedure, shot, or recently she had to have a camera down her nose to look at her vocal cords, anyhow, right before, I say we are going to put a white light over your…..and the needle will just go in softly, and come out quickly, it will not hurt, it will may be uncomfortable etc, and low and behold, she has not made a peep any time she has anything done. I am telling you, the Nurses and Dr.’s are like “what the heck”, they all say I have never seen a child get a “flu shot” and not make a peep, so thank you for that as well!
– Stephanie Becker, 
Chief Operating Officer Conundrum Technologies
littlelogo_peach My son was born breech with some birth injuries and was immediately admitted to the NICU with one side of his diaphragm paralyzed. He was having difficulties breathing and was agitated. Teresa was able to come and work with him a few days after he was born. She was so in tune and connected with him. After her session with him, he was much more at ease, more regulated, and his lungs were able to expand more and the diaphragm started working again. She was also able to give me some peace over his birth, and the message that he would be ok if I could be ok too. He is now a 16 month old walking, talking, happy and well adjusted little boy. Thank you Teresa-you were an integral part of Liam’s healing and mine as well.
– Dana, mother of two, Boulder, COlittlelogo_peach
I originally found Teresa through her Birth Intuitive web site and was eager to connect with her as I was going through a lot related to issues around pregnancy at the time. My work with Teresa expanded beyond pregnancy to post pregnancy, to general healthcare and beyond. I truly value Teresa’s intuitive insight into all issues I’ve asked her about healthcare related or not and believe strongly that having a broad team of spiritual helpers in this life is where we’re headed as people.We can often get stuck in traditional forms of conventional medicine, and our healthcare system today still lacks an ability to embrace a holistic perspective – treating the whole person: body, mind and soul. This is where knowing people like Teresa is invaluable.Teresa is very grounded, with strong credentials, a lot of experience, and offers a deeper dimension in helping people move through issues in a way that I really appreciate. I continue to work with her and am so glad I’ve had the opportunity to do so.
– Emily, Massachusetts

littlelogo_peach I began working with Teresa a few years ago in hopes to resolve some feelings I had over an earlier abortion. Our first session was so helpful that I kept returning. I never expected to cultivate so many tools to live a fulfilling, empowered and conscious life.
– J.littlelogo_peach
My consultation with Teresa really helped me hone my energy and prepare to conceive a child. Her intuition is simply amazing! With Teresa, I was able to work through significant blocks I had that were preventing me from moving forward. Since the consultation, I have set up a pregnancy altar, have been doing the heart and womb energy meditation,and have done a dedication ceremony to help bring the sacred into what I am doing. It’s good. I feel much more at peace with events of the past.Best of all, Teresa was able to identify the spirit of the baby who will be my child, and could tell me what I needed to do to make life more pallatable for this little spirit. Finding Teresa was a blessing. Finally, someone who can not only see, but who can also teach the rest of us how to listen to our inner wisdom!
– A teacher in Baltimore, Marylandlittlelogo_peach
When I first met with Teresa I was obsessed with having a baby! My partner was not on the same page and I could not understand why. She helped me release past issues, which I didn’t even realize I was using to try and get my way.Teresa even pointed to the place on my shoulder I was holding it all. I had never mentioned to her how bad my shoulder had been feeling and that the chiropractic and massage therapist had already tried to “fix” it. After our session the sore spot vanished!Teresa gave me some things to work on and I did. It was not easy, but she was right! My honey bean warming to the idea of children and now I’m pregnant!I truly believe I’m pregnant because of the work I did with Teresa.Her ability to tap directly into core issues and help in practical ways is a gift I will be eternally grateful for.
– Dale
littlelogo_peach As a practitioner of western medicine myself, when I faced the decision of a reduction I was put in the very difficult position of weighing real outcomes data and risks with my own gut feeling and intuition about which choice worked best for me and my husband. It was a trying time filled with conflicting opinions and emotions, but I knew I had to dig deep in order to live with my decision rather than base my decision purely on what would give me the best statistical outcome. I also knew I needed to talk to someone who had experience counseling women facing this dreaded decision.I turned to Teresa to help me tap into my own spirituality and to feel a connection with my unborn babies, and this proved to be an absolutely invaluable process.

Teresa is the ultimate professional care provider. She is compassionate, non-judgmental, and does not force any viewpoints on you. She works within your own system of values and spirituality, and allows you to connect with what you truly want.After a few phone sessions with her, I knew in my heart and soul what was best, and I truly felt like I was able to connect and convey my decision to my unborn babies. It was important for me spiritually to let them know why I was making the choice I was, and that it was a choice out of love. You can’t put a price on this sense of peace.

As heart-wrenching as the reduction was, I know I made the right decision for all parties involved, thanks to Teresa’s steady guidance every step of the way. And, all of our predictions, which Teresa guided me through but had me make for myself, have come true so far. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
– A very thrilled expectant mother of twinslittlelogo_peach

The work we did together with both of our pregnancies was amazing. When our children were born, I felt that we were already bonded.
– Steve Ellis, MBA, GRI, Realtorlittlelogo_peach
I worked with Teresa from early pregnancy through postpartum. her presence, wisdom and expertise has been a true gift in my life. Thank you, Teresa, for supporting me and teaching me to be the best mother I can possibly be. You changed our lives. – Carole L. Billingham, Spiritual and Business Coachlittlelogo_peachI came to Teresa through the incredible Dr. Christiane Northrup. I was 37 years old, not even sure I was ever going to have kids. Not sure if I even could. I’d spent many years believing that something may be wrong with me. I had irregular periods. And my husband and I didn’t use any birth control for years, and never got pregnant. So, I was at the time desiring really learning about my body, my fertility, my cycle. I had decided that being a woman, I owed it to myself to really understand and appreciate my female reproductive organs.

At the same time, I kept thinking about a baby. Not in the yearning sort of way, but in the hmmm…I keep thinking of a baby. Almost like it was behind me, tapping me on the shoulder.So, when I heard about Teresa and her work as a birth intuitive, I jumped at the chance to have a session with her.Teresa’s medical knowledge and support was so empowering as a woman. I knew that she was going to assist me with figuring out my cycles – both naturally, as well as getting me any tests that we thought might be necessary. She asked me when my last period was…it had been over a month, but I told her that was normal for me. During that first session, she introduced me to the soul of my son. I know. I know. It was unbelievable and incredible. She assisted me in asking the little soul questions. When did it want to come in? (it showed me a calendar year), what color was I seeing (I saw blue).She then did a reading on it, telling me how sweet he was, how calm, and many other details. I left feeling elated, and scared…did I want to have a baby? What if I said I didn’t? She assured me I had a choice, that this soul would find another way in, just enjoy the information. No pressure. I have to admit, it was really cool to know that my intuition had lead me to Teresa, to the perfect person to assist me with really acknowledging this persistent little soul.

Anyhow, the next time we spoke was a month later. I still hadn’t had a period. Again, this had happened to me before, and I’d never been pregnant. When I told her this, she told me that I should just take a pregnancy test anyway. Just so she could be assured before she sent me for any tests. The next morning I took the test. I hadn’t even told my husband I was doing it, it had been negative so many times.

Imagine my shock when I peed on the stick and it said I was pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a huge grin on my face. I was ready for this baby! I have recommended Teresa to about 6 friends already, and I will continue to do so. I am blown away by her skills, her compassion, her energy, and her gifts. You should RUN to get an appointment with her. I am so blessed to have Aden and I know Teresa was a huge part of that process. Teresa, I cannot thank you enough! I am on my knees grateful to you.
–With Pleasure, Donna, NYC

littlelogo_peachThe first appendix in Honoring Your Child’s Spirit: Pre Birth Bonding and Communciation is by Teresa Robertson, a midwife, birth intuitive and leading name in pre-birth communication. She gives parents clear step by step guidelines for establishing several different types of prenatal communication.
Carrie Contey, Ph.D.,



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