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Whether You Are:

PREGNANT and want to better understand how to better connect with your unborn baby?

CURIOUS to learn why this baby chose you and your family?

UNSURE if you are meeting all of your baby’s needs?

A BUSY 2nd or 3rd time pregnant mom yearning to share some quiet connection time with this new member of your family?

FACING an unexpected complication with your pregnancy such as; a Breech Presentation, Pre Term Labor, or a Placenta Previa; and are looking for options to ensure you the best possible outcome?

DESIRING to better understand your path towards a successful Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) and would like some extra pregnancy support?

DESERVING some extra emotional support during this pregnancy, as the result of experiencing a previous pregnancy loss.

You have discovered the place where you can experience, concrete and compassionate pregnancy support, as you begin to become fluent in your language of Birth IntuitionTM.

Since 1996, Teresa has been integrating her unique, rich clinical background and skill sets as; a Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Midwife and Intuitive Counselor to create her cutting edge work as a provider of Birth IntuitiveTM  Counseling.  Providing Pregnancy Counseling and support continues to be one of the most rewarding expressions of Teresa’s work.




Understanding your Baby’s Spirit Language.

It really is not unusual or strange to want to understand how to connect with your unborn baby. Although it is not talked about in our culture, most pregnant moms already have a way of connecting with their baby. The challenge many of you face, lies in not really understanding or trusting that communication.

Expectant mother receiving pregnancy counseling

photo by Marty Carvano

I often hear

“ I am not sure if I am imagining what I want to hear or if this is really coming from my baby?”  OR

“I want to understand what my baby needs, and I am afraid I am missing what he/she is trying to tell me.”


Communicating with your Unborn Baby is your Birthright.

My strong belief is that you already know how to communicate with your unborn baby. In reality, what you may lack, is only a concrete awareness of your process; and/or confidence in your ability. We don’t grow up receiving any kind instruction, feedback or validation about this amazing process of understanding your baby’s spirit talk.

As a provider of Birth IntuitiveTM Counseling, I provide you with information, pregnancy  counseling, support, and concrete tools that empower you to easily connect, and communicate with your unborn baby. I believe in what I call cooperative parenting. This involves including into the conversation, the very person you are inviting into your family. Just because we cannot physically see them, does not mean that they do not have particular needs, preferences or requests

I have found that my clients especially love receiving this kind of pregnancy counseling, support and insight during their unexpected experience of pregnancy complications; such as Pre-Term Labor, a Breech Presentation, or Placental Previa. Client’s share that my assistance was essential in their ability to better understand their next steps.

I can also assist you in releasing fears or past beliefs from previous birth experiences.  This kind of pregnancy support is excellent for VBAC ( Vaginal Birth after Caesarean) support.

Or, perhaps you have experienced a previous pregnancy loss and are terrified.

My clients with a  history of a previous pregnancy loss, come to deeply appreciate this Birth IntuitiveTM  Counseling and Support throughout their new pregnancy. They discover that this kind of pregnancy support, enables them to create a new and healing pregnancy outcome.


Simplicity, Clarity and Caring, All in One Place With One Person

My unique skill set saves my clients time and money.


photo by Marty Carvano

Where else during a pregnancy counseling and support appointment could you work with

a seasoned clinician who can:

review your lab work;

explore your mind/body belief connection and

assist you with connecting with your spirit baby?

For many of my clients, working with me is a luxury extra in their lives, that they quickly come to appreciate and deeply value. My clients share with me, that the peace of mind and clarity they obtain from their sessions, reduces their worries about making the right choices for themselves and decreases their overall stress.
I often hear that “I am worth every penny”.


If You are Questioning “Can I Do This”?

Know that my focus and joy, as a provider of Birth IntuitiveTM services, is to empower you to trust your inner wisdom and intuition. Using simple, concrete, fun and easy to adapt, tools and games;  I support you in gaining skill and confidence in your ability  to connect and communicate with your unborn baby. This approach enables you, my client to understand and to trust using your individual intuitive language. These tools are fun, games, easy to use, packaged in short 10 am and pm meditations.


Teresa Robertson and I go way back. We first met at the Omega Institute in New York in the 80’s when Teresa was on staff there. Since then she has become a midwife Birth Intuitive™ – helping women tune in to their innate ability to get pregnant and influence the health of their unborn babies. I’ve referred many pregnant women to Teresa over the years and have found her approach both empowering and effective.

– Christiane Northrup, M.D. from her “Women’s Wisdom” Newsletter


Since 1996, I have been empowering my clients in person, nationally and internationally; supporting them in connecting and communicating with their unborn baby.

I invite you to join me in communicating with your unborn baby. As you become fluent in your language of Birth Intuition,TM you will gain clarity in understanding your next steps for your family.


 I look forward to joining you on your journey.

Here are some tools and information you might find useful along your way!




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