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Make This One Change To Boost Your Day – Every Day!



We live in a world where admitting to having taken a nap or  to a moment of non productivity has become something to hide or to confess with guilt.  When we are tired, we take out our whips of caffeine, sugar and guilt to drive our bodies to do more.  Somehow, we have convinced ourselves that we are human machines instead of Human BEINGS!

In our race for ultimate productivity, we forget that even machines, however productive they may be, need to stop for maintenance and repair. So what does this look like for our human bodies?

Signs that our bodies are asking for maintenance

(or a nicer way of saying it Self Caring)

We Feel:

  • Tired
    • Hungry
      • Bored
        • Irritable
          • Fearful
            • Anxious

When our bodies start to break down it starts to look like:

  • Insomnia
    • Depression
      • Anxiety
        • Thyroid disorders
          • Adrenal Fatigue
            • Inability to conceive- “Infertility”
              • Weight gain or loss
                • Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes
                  • High blood pressure
                      …….. YOU get the idea

SOOO  I going to suggest a simple but radical activity. Just one activity that can help you  to modify and reset from your habit of powering on.

THIS ONE activity that can: ignite your creativity; increase  your feelings of calm and well being; decrease your stress; and paradoxically increase your productivity.

Better yet, what if I told you this activity was free?

I think I may have your attention.

Let’s start calling Taking a Break an Activity!                                                                        That is right, something you could actually check off of your to do list!

Lets even go a step further and rename it Giving myself a break.

Now how would your life look and feel differently once you update your definition of Activity?

For those who have worked with me and have played the nourishment exercise; you have already learned that napping, making love, getting a massage are all considered activities.

I am going to encourage you to consider:  What if your body’s fatigue is its signal to you that I am Hungry! Or thirsty!

My husband has learned when I am hungry I get very, very, very gritchy. He has even named her LBS (Low Blood Sugar)!   After 10 years, he now knows not to engage with me but to literally put something for me to eat into my hand.

SOOO you say I don’t have time to slow down, I am so far behind!   What if I shared with you that if you slowed down, you would be more productive? Happier? That once you learn how to refuel – things  will fall into place in a new light. We all feel more in control and focused when we have something we can  actually do about an issue.

What would it look like if instead your gave- not took- but gave yourself- 60 seconds to check in with your body to see what the feeling of fatigue is trying to get your attention about?

I often suggest to clients to set a timer every 60 -90 minutes to remind them to give themselves their 60 seconds reset – reboot

Here is your 60 second Reset- Reboot

Remember Your key involves movement!

  • Silence your phone.Living in a postcard 1
  • Step away from your electronic devices.
  • Move out of your chair
  • Change your setting- walk somewhere- anywhere
  • Find a place in your environment where you can find a nature connection.  It may mean finding a window for a slice of sky or green grass to gaze upon.It may mean getting your body to that patch of green grass and flowers.A new study from Environ Health Prev Med. 2010 Jan;15(1):18-26 ) shares how forest bathing calms our nervous system
  • Ground and take a deep breath.  Remember that when we sit on a toilet we automatically ground. For many of us, (not moms with small children) this is one place where we can get some privacy, quiet and ground.)
  • Take another deep breath.
  • Ask your body what does it need from you- what would bring it pleasure in the next 30 minutes or 1 hour or 4 hours – for food–  for drink supplementfor activity
  • Imagine a golden bubble on top of your head.  Place all of your body’s requests into that bubble- pop it and allow it to flow into and nourish every cell of your body.
  • If your body told you it wanted some water, some food- fulfill those requests.

If you have 9 min and 48 seconds check out this grounding and nourishment meditation to enjoy.

I find for myself that it is fun to have a ready made list of “activities”.

Be creative, create your re charge, refresh activity “list” out of stickers, emoticons or coloring! For me, giving myself- not taking- giving myself- the 40 minutes to forest bathe with the dogs is on the top of my list.

Also know that I would love to support you in creating these new habits and patterns.

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