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Tuesday, August 31, 2011
Vol. 4, Issue 4

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Where is Teresa?

Where’s Teresa?                                             
Now that is a question I have been hearing from many of you lately.              Sunny with tonques
“Did you stop writiing your ezine?”
“Have i somehow missed the last few?”
The answer to both of these questions is NO.
As I will share more in this months Living Intuitive Observations
section;like many of you, my attention and energy has been pulled away
by what I call personal growth surges.
Once again you see the word CHANGE in this months title.
It seems for myself and everyone around me the only
constant these days is CHANGE, and its resulting growth.
Speaking of growth check out the latest picture of our ball obsessed
Puppy Sunny,standing on our new front porch.
September 4th marks our first year of sharing joy and tennis balls with her.
Boy how fast did that go?

Living Intuitive Observations

The Only Constant is CHANGE !

 HAPPY end of Mercury retrograde! I know that it feels like it is mercury retrograde all the time. However, this past one just finished on Friday the 26th. The next one does not roll around again until December 13,2011.During the past 3 ½ weeks when Mercury was retrograde you might have noticed obscure details coming up for review along with things needing repair.The reason why we may feel that it is mercury retrograde all the time is that we are experiencing very short if not miniscule breaks in between immense life changes aka as another “growth experience”.Constant change, movement and at times disruption have become the norm..

Our brains are wired for new and exciting experiences. All of these constant growth “opportunities” contribute to boosting  and satisfying our brain; while upgrading our skill sets of flexibility, adaptation, and creativity as we cope and respond to these new challenges. The key to discovering joy, wonder and amazement in the midst of change and turmoil; hinges on our ability to grab a few moments of reflection during the moments in between the growth surges.

I would like to share a quick recap of my growth surges and the wisdom I gleaned once I took some time to reflect, since my last ezine.

During April- May (which right now feels like it was 2 years ago!) We  moved twice. We are now 1 mile south of the town of Gold Hill, at the apex of the burn zone. It was not until 2 weeks before needing to move for the first time, did we know where we were going to live for the 2 week interim before landing into our new home. Except for our final move in day, did I me ntion that it snowed for most of the month of May? So here are some tips  I learned about navigating through not knowing:

1. Ask for help from both the physical and non physical planes. I called my friend Sally a couple of times,who reassure d me that it all was going to work out.This immediately stopped any current fretting; Also ask for help from your helpers an guides.                                    2. Take it one step at a time- following that step thoroughly and clearly;

3. Validate what is working- this includes lots of gratitude listing;

4.Acknowledge that obstacles may really be what they are- blocks.  Consider yielding instead of powering through and trying to make an obstacle work out;

5. Cultivate plans b, c d, e, Now is a great time to exercise your imagination and creativity to all of the creative possibilities out there; 6. Use gold suns- lots of them, infusing yourself with trust and knowing                        “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be  well”- Julian of Norwich ( I keep a stickie of this quote on my laptop)

June  while on a trip out of state in which I participated in some spiritual opening; I managed right before a 4 hour session to walk into a closed screen door.

All of this resulted in, a scabbed third eye, and a little brainlash; which in retrospect, I believe, triggered my episode of hyperthryodisim. (my July and August growth surge).

What I learned from this was really basic.

Stay grounded and PAY attention to what is right in front of you.                                                                                                           

In addition, I learned that nothing is gained by minimizing a situation when you have been injured.

July- August  I was humbled into my own healing journey when I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

I found myself taking my own advice, and not just a little bit, but thoroughly

1. Going gluten free

2. Resting more- which entailed admitting that I was a human being and not a human machine

3. Eating like a pregnant mom with twins-  something high protein every 60-90 minutes.

I am happy to share that with the support of my amazing Naturopath Nancy Rao at the Boulder Naturopathic clinic, I am feeling so much better and have started to gain back some weight.               

 This journey has been a true example of the wisdom that comes from integrating other modalities  with what Western Medicine has to offer.

So what is up for September?

On September 1st, I am moving my office upstairs withing the same building into another beautiful office space. 

In addition, I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Living Intuitive Meditation Space

This month’s meditation will focus on aligning and attuning your system with your life purpose.
Your ninth chakra is the place where this information is stored. This chakra is also known for holding your soul blueprint “the individual’s total skills and abilities learned in all the life times”.
It is located about an arm’s length above your head. It also “Helps select appropriate Sperm and Egg for this lifetime and oversees the physical and emotional patterns we came to experience.”                                 

As always we will start by creating a grounding cord.  As you inhale, imagine from the soles of your feet, energy from any where in the earth which meets your needs in this moment flowing into your feet and up your legs. When it arrives to the base of your spine( first chakra) imagine it flowing to the absolute center of this area. From the center of this chakra imagine a connecting structure stretching as wide a your body a connection from the base of your spine. Imagine it leaving your body and connecting to the center of the earth. This structure can be a tree trunk, a slide, a waterfall, an anchor, a zebra’s tale. candle flameExhale.

Become aware of how your body and total self feel.

Now place your attention on the top of your head -on your crown chakra.  Create the intention of the chakra becoming intact and in spinning in alignment                                .

Now place your awareness to an arm’s lengthen above your body.

Use your consciousness  to say hello to your ninth chakra. Then create the intention for a download from your ninth chakra.

Include in your intention your desire to connect with your soul’s blueprint- or your life purpose. Ask that this energetic information come into your crown in a spiral formation.      

Ask that you only receive as much energy that will be safe and comfortable for your body to integrate.  REMEMBER that you can continue to connect with this part of your energy system.                                               

Therefore, you do not have to receive the total download in one sitting.

As you sit under this flow of energy be aware of expanding you grounding cord. Also be aware of how the energy feels as it enters your crown and flows down the center of your body infusing each chakra.

I invite you to include this energetic connection to original life intention whenever you need an infusion of remembering who you are and why you are on the earth at this time.


Networking Corner

Yoga for Fertility with Laura Kupperman is Back!

The class will be offered in a six week session beginning Saturday, 9/24 (no more rushing to get there after work!), 9am-10:15am.  Great way to start your day!

For more information or to register visit     Pre-registration is required, open to individuals and couples.  Please note that this class is offered in partnership with CCRM and first priority will be given to their patients, but I’m hopeful we’ll have room for all who are interested.


Fathers Attachment Class

Trevor Graham, Psy.D., and  Kathryn Black, PhD are once again offering our 6-week attachment-focused support and psychoeducation group for fathers beginning October 4.


The Placenta Cookbook

For a growing number of new mothers, there’s no better nutritional snack after childbirth than the fruit of their own labor.

This  New York Magazine article features Jennifer Mayer a massage therapist and doula who has studied with me.
It is creating quite the buzz in NYC

Jen can be reached at


From the Birth Bag

For Established Clients and Phone Sessions Only

Have you ever felt like you would benefit by consulting with Teresa but didn’t feel you needed an entire hour session?

DID you know that Teresa offers “phone card” sessions.

Here’s how it works:

  • You purchase a session or session package.
  • This gets converted to minutes. Example: a 3 session package becomes 210 minutes.
  • Then you are able to connect with Teresa for any amount of time, depending on your needs.
  • Clients are finding it amazing the clarity they are achieving with with just a 20 or 25 minutes call.

Weekly Meditation Programs:

The Pregnancy Meditation Connection: A weekly morning and evening meditation for daily use. My intentions for this audio pod cast (or MP3 download) are:

  1. for these weekly meditations will grow with you throughout your pregnancy.
  2. to enable you and your partner (or support person) to cultivate and to deepen your bond with your unborn child;
  3. to empower you to deepen your inner mama and papa bear wisdom as you grow in your intuitive ability
  4. to provide tools and techniques that will support you in co creating your days with your unborn child.
  5. that you gain the benefits of daily meditation which include but are not limited to: increased energy and vitality, feelings of connection, well being, and optimism.

For a sample listen from the Pregnancy Making the Connection meditation series, click here.

Click here to sign up.  


 Living Intuitive Meditation Connection: A weekly morning and evening meditation for daily use. My intentions for this audio pod cast (or MP3 download) are:

  1. To enable you to cultivate and to deepen your intuitive wisdom in enjoyment;
  2. To share tools and techniques that will support you in conscious creating your day;
  3. For you to enjoy the benefits that come from a daily meditation practice. These include but are not limited to: increased energy and vitality, feelings of connection, well being, and optimism.

For a sample listen from the General Living Making the Connection meditation series, click here.

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Bookshelf Recommendations

 My intention for this new section is to pass along some of my current                       favorite book recommendations.As you will see it has been a pretty heavy non fiction summer for me the, although         I am currently engulfed by the Stieg Larsson Girl with Dragon Tattoo series.

Raising Elijah: Protecting Children in an Age of Environmental Crisis by Sandra Steingraber

“This could be the most important and inspiring parenting book ever written. Protecting children from the poisons that surround them cannot be left to conscientious mothers and fathers alone. It must instead become our society’s highest collective priority.” —Naomi Klein; author of The Shock Doctrine

After reading this book and learning what was sprayed on non organic wheat, made it very easy for me to become gluten free. After reading this you will want ot read her 2 previous titles:

Living Downstream: An Ecologist’s Personal Investigation of Cancer and the Environment and Having Faith: An Ecologist’s Journey to Motherhood

Start with Why by Simon Sinek  after watching a TED video I wanted to read more.

Finally, a metaphysical non fiction this book came into my awareness during my trek in June, when a new friend said ot me you need to read this book and handed me a copy

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus By Claire Heartsong


About Teresa


Teresa Robertson RN, MS, Certified Nurse Midwife, has been involved in the realms of women’s health, birth, and alternative healing for the past 31 years. During the past 15 years, she has shared these integrative tools of healing and knowing with numerous groups of clients and professionals.

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