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Monday, March 7, 2011
Vol. 4, Issue 2

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Where is Teresa?


Preparing for my upcoming appearance on Spirited Talk Radio show tonight, Monday March 7th, 9:30 to 10:30pm EST / 7:30 to 8:30pm MST.

To listen live or to listen to the recorded broadcast visit Blog Talk Radio:

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Preparing for my upcoming introduction to Birth Intuition(TM) class series.

Teresa SessionBeginning on Saturday, March 12th, from 1:00 to 3:30pm MST.

This 16 hour class happening in 7 meetings is approved for 16 DONA CEUs.

Students are invited to join long distance via Skype.

Each class is recorded so you are welcome to take the class at your leisure.


Cost $280 for the entire series or $430 for series and 90 minute reading with Teresa.

To participate, contact or call 303-258-3904.


  • Learn how to better understand and use your intuition with clients and to assist clients with connecting with the spirit of their baby
  • Learn basic energy tools and techniques and how to use them with clients during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Learn basic tenets of Perinatal Psychology and how to use them in a concrete manner during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Learn how to do an in person and at distance energy healing
  • Learn how to set up the birth space to be energetically optimal
  • Learn what and how the baby needs to be welcomed in a mind, body and spiritual manner at birth
  • Learn how to understand your life purpose
  • Learn how to understand the unborn baby’s life purpose and soul agreement with their parents
  • Weekly case reviews

I hope you’ll join me for the radio program and for the class series.


Living Intuitive Observations

Maintaining Perspective

Here it is, already March, and it feels like the pauses between transformative growth experiences have become mere breaths.

Spiritually and energetically these are exciting and intense times. However, for our bodies and emotions they can feel traumatic and crazy.

When we incarnate, our spirit has amnesia about the intensity of the physical body and emotional experience.

Almost daily I am asked, “How does one keep perspective and not get overwhelmed? How does one maintain hope when it looks and feels like we are moving in the opposite direction of our aspirations?”

Invariably, I coach my clients and myself with tools and games to stay in the moment. Here are 3 simple and effective ones for you to play with yourselves.

1. Gold Sun’s

Take a deep breath and fill in with a gold sun’s full of trust or the concept you are needing to shift towards.

It may take 20-30 Gold Suns but it works.

This exercise will help you replenish when you’re weary from stress or physical exertion. Practice this 25 – 50 times a day.

Golden Sun ExerciseImagine a gold bubble perched on top of your head…

Infuse this bubble with golden sunshine, energy, love, and nurturance…

Call upon your energy and essence from the past and the future…

Add concepts such as self-confidence, and trust…

Pop the bubble and allow it to fill and nourish every cell of your body…

2. Gratitude Cultivation.

I know I mention this often, however, I do so because it is so important and it WORKS!

Many people cultivate fear and worry about losing or not being able to obtain or to maintain something. REMEMBER THAT…

Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want. ~ Abraham

Gratitude is another tool that helps to shift and change your neurological tracking from fear to appreciation. Wouldn’t you prefer to attract something from appreciation and trusting?

In addition to cultivating trust, I would encourage you to look around your world and pay gratitude to what you have already created for yourselves.

Be grateful for your surroundings. We take SO much for granted in our culture for what already surround and supports us.

When I wake up: I am always grateful for the comfort of my bed, the beauty of my surroundings, that I have nutritious food to eat today, and maintained and safe roads to drive on. You get the idea.
When we focus on what is not there, we add energy to that place of lack.

3. Changing the Dial

When I start to cogitate, feel anxious, or out of control is when I put on a calming CD of music and run through what I call the ABC’s of Grounding and resetting my energy and intentions.

Once I am regrounded, I then imagine the feeling place of what I consciously wish to create and spend 20-30 seconds immersed in that the feeling place.

To change your dial, here are some AM meditations from the Making the Connection meditation series.

For pregnancy, click here.

For general living, click here.

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From the Birth Bag

Weekly Meditation Programs:

The Pregnancy Meditation Connection: A weekly morning and evening meditation for daily use. My intentions for this audio pod cast (or MP3 download) are:

  1. for these weekly meditations will grow with you throughout your pregnancy.
  2. to enable you and your partner (or support person) to cultivate and to deepen your bond with your unborn child;
  3. to empower you to deepen your inner mama and papa bear wisdom as you grow in your intuitive ability
  4. to provide tools and techniques that will support you in co creating your days with your unborn child.
  5. that you gain the benefits of daily meditation which include but are not limited to: increased energy and vitality, feelings of connection, well being, and optimism.

For a sample listen from the Pregnancy Making the Connection meditation series, click here.

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Living Intuitive Meditation Connection: A weekly morning and evening meditation for daily use. My intentions for this audio pod cast (or MP3 download) are:

  1. To enable you to cultivate and to deepen your intuitive wisdom in enjoyment;
  2. To share tools and techniques that will support you in conscious creating your day;
  3. For you to enjoy the benefits that come from a daily meditation practice. These include but are not limited to: increased energy and vitality, feelings of connection, well being, and optimism.

For a sample listen from the General Living Making the Connection meditation series, click here.

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For Established Clients and Phone Sessions OnlyEver felt like you would benefit by consulting with Teresa but didn’t feel you needed an entire hour session?Did you know that Teresa offers “phone card” sessions.

Here’s how it works:

  • You purchase a session or session package.
  • This gets converted to minutes. Example: a 3 session package becomes 210 minutes.
  • Then you are able to connect with Teresa for any amount of time, depending on your needs.
  • Clients are finding it amazing the clarity they are achieving with with just a 20 or 25 minutes call.


New Teaching Space

The Gathering Place at Marine Street

Rent this elegant 370 square foot carpeted teaching space, within the Marine Street Healing Arts building at 2825 Marine St, Boulder.

Contact Teresa at or
call 303-258-3904.



About Teresa

Teresa Robertson RN, MS, Certified Nurse Midwife, has been involved in the realms of women’s health, birth, and alternative healing for the past 29 years. During the past 12 years, she has shared these integrative tools of healing and knowing with numerous groups of clients and professionals.

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