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 The Uber Pregnancy- An Urban Myth

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Now that all of the fan fare about Mother’s Day has passed, I thought I would talk about what pregnant moms really need for pregnancy support.

Having been involved with pregnant moms since 1979, I believe that there has never been a more challenging time to be pregnant than now. I really feel for pregnant mamas. Being pregnant these days lands a pregnant mom within a minefield of polarization. Good and bad, right and wrong, black and white; whatever happened to the gray areas? The overriding cultural pressure that all women feel to be perfect, cascades and becomes amplified by the hormones and expectations of pregnancy.

No longer is it enough to make a good choice- it has to be the Perfect Uber choice! And there are so many options from which to chose!adult-18604_1280

The challenge of striving for perfection during pregnancy, is that it negates the ability for a mom or dad to dive into their gut authentic intuitive mama/papa bear knowing self. Instead decisions are made from the default of logic, fear, should’s and ought’s.

Ironically, striving for that Uber pregnancy, strips a pregnant mama or papa of their distinctive signature self. Or as we have come to name it our individual brand!

So many pregnant moms are so relieved when I share with them what they are experiencing is normal. Most especially when their experience is not what is projected as the ultimate ideal.

Such as:

Feeling ambivalent about being pregnant- normal and not uber;

Feeling anxious or stressed about how you are going to do it all- normal not uber;

Feeling afraid that you will not be able to  have your ideal birth- that you will fail at giving birth- again normal and not uber.

Your normal is uniquely yours. There is such a range of how a perfectly normal pregnancy expresses it self.  Adhering to a vision of what a certain perfect ideal – limits you of  your individuality, specialness,  and ultimately your joy.

An Uber Pregnnacy, by presenting an unobtainable ideal, may limit your curiosity and energy. It may limit your ability to explore, connect and understand how this new amazing  baby joining our world needs you to uniquely parent him/her.

What I love most about the work I share as a Birth Intuitive TM Counselor, is how it empowers a parent to connect with and create an authentic relationship with their spirit baby by  including day to day decisions. I love supporting moms and dads in understanding, trusting, playing and growing  their connection with their unborn baby.

Regardless if you are trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant; learning how to connect with, listen to, and negotiate with, the baby spirit who is joining your family, creates a concrete foundation of trust and connection. Trust is the antidote to fear and self doubting.

This process of connecting with your spirit baby assists you with deeply knowing what this baby needs. Weighing in with this new family member really does help to mitigate the doubts, should haves,  could haves and guilt. In addition, when it comes time to interact with your health care provider you are making your choices out of this deep knowing and connection  between you and your baby.

I believe that it is really important to educate and support pregnant and new moms and dads as they navigate the ever growing menu of pregnancy options and opportunities.  Ultimately, as they follow their gut – their mama/papa bear wisdom, they will create their optimal pregnancy, birth and family.

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In Person, or Long Distance Intuitive Counseling Available

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