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Friday, April 8, 2011
Vol. 4, Issue 3

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Where is Teresa?

The emergence of Spring with its longer and brighter days, coupled with packing for our upcoming two-part move has nudged me with the following questions:

What brings me joy? What will bring me joy in this moment? What do I wish to create? What do I need and desire to keep? What is it time to release and discard? What in my life is important to keep and amplify?

The recent world events reverberating change (from the political uprisings to the environment changes and disaster in Japan), direct each of us to drop inside to probe and find our individual answers to these questions.

If you find that you get stuck understanding your answers or are curious to better understand your life purpose, know that there are several simple but powerful intuitive tools I am able to share with you in order to gain more clarity to your next steps.

To contact Teresa for next steps reading, email or call 303-258-3904.

Enjoy Spring!


Living Intuitive Observations

The Gifts from Conscious Surgery Preparation

In the past year, many of my very “healthy” friend’s and client’s bodies have needed to receive healing in the form of surgery. This includes my husband’s journey 18 months ago.

Why surgery? Why now?

In each situation, the gift available for each individual was the opportunity to reset long and strongly held conditionings, beliefs and templates within their body/mind template. For example, one intention we had the anesthesiologist suggest to my husband was that his long standing insomnia would be resolved.

Another opportunity afforded by the unconscious state of anesthesia, is to set the intention of reviewing your life purpose with your guides and spiritual advisors. Surgery provides the perfect occasion to reset and to realign your soul’s life purpose and intention into the fabric of your life.

I also believe that many of us are choosing to use surgery, as life review experience without having to experience death or a near death experience.

Entering the surgical suite consciously, with intention, and as an active participant with your surgeon and anesthesiologist also puts you in the position to be present as an empowered member of your healing team.

In September 2009, my usually “healthy” husband very unexpectedly needed to undergo an open heart surgical procedure in order to replace an infected and damaged heart valve.

I was so thankful that one of our close friends, for whom I had previously supported and coached through her own surgery 2 years earlier, reminded me to prepare something for the anesthesiologist to read to him while he was under anesthesia. We used the 30 minutes before his surgery to write out some simple healing affirmations, gratitude statements, and simple post surgery healing suggestions for his body to listen to from his anesthesiologist during his surgery.

Those intentions and affirmations along with choosing his favorite Coltrane CD helped us to feel that part of us where there with him in the OR.

I love supporting clients in consciously preparing for and recovering from a surgical healing.  To learn more about how I can support you or a loved one, feel free to contact me at or at 303-258-3904.

Living Intuitive Meditation Tool

Candle Flame

This months mediation tool can be found on Teresa’s blog

Mercury is Retrograde

This is the first of this year’s Mercury retrograde cycle. Mercury retrograde cycles occur 3 times a year and last about 3-1/2 weeks. The general wisdom about a Mercury Retrograde Cycle is it is not the time to enter into any long term agreements or contracts. Rather it is the time to gather more information, reflect and to re-evaluate situations in our lives.

Enjoy the astrology mercury retrograde update form my astrologer, Jyoti Wind.,  303.541-9106

“March 30, 2011 at 2:48 PM (MDT), Mercury goes Retrograde (Rx) in Aries (Direct on April 23rd).

Along its Rx path, it will conjunct the Sun, then Jupiter and Mars, and then oppose Saturn. We will look more deeply at how we define our individuality and our fears of self-expression.

Aries is fire and the first sign…the self, taking the initiative to make things happen. Perhaps by the time Mercury goes Direct, we will have a better idea of how we want that to look.

Pluto is stationing from April 2nd-15th, going Rx on the 9th at 2:49 AM (MDT). When a planet is stationing, it is staying at the same degree and minute for that period of time and takes over other planetary energies. So, for those two weeks, we will be dancing with Plutonian/Scorpio energies of intensity, investigation and transformation.

As Mercury is Rx at the same time, it can give tremendous insights into how to change and transmute those energies that need it, transform what’s not working, rejuvenate and resurrect what will work.”

From the Birth Bag

Weekly Meditation Programs:

The Pregnancy Meditation Connection: A weekly morning and evening meditation for daily use. My intentions for this audio pod cast (or MP3 download) are:

  1. for these weekly meditations will grow with you throughout your pregnancy.
  2. to enable you and your partner (or support person) to cultivate and to deepen your bond with your unborn child;
  3. to empower you to deepen your inner mama and papa bear wisdom as you grow in your intuitive ability
  4. to provide tools and techniques that will support you in co creating your days with your unborn child.
  5. that you gain the benefits of daily meditation which include but are not limited to: increased energy and vitality, feelings of connection, well being, and optimism.

For a sample listen from the Pregnancy Making the Connection meditation series, click here.

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Living Intuitive Meditation Connection: A weekly morning and evening meditation for daily use. My intentions for this audio pod cast (or MP3 download) are:

  1. To enable you to cultivate and to deepen your intuitive wisdom in enjoyment;
  2. To share tools and techniques that will support you in conscious creating your day;
  3. For you to enjoy the benefits that come from a daily meditation practice. These include but are not limited to: increased energy and vitality, feelings of connection, well being, and optimism.

For a sample listen from the General Living Making the Connection meditation series, click here.

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For Established Clients and Phone Sessions OnlyEver felt like you would benefit by consulting with Teresa but didn’t feel you needed an entire hour session?Did you know that Teresa offers “phone card” sessions.

Here’s how it works:

  • You purchase a session or session package.
  • This gets converted to minutes. Example: a 3 session package becomes 210 minutes.
  • Then you are able to connect with Teresa for any amount of time, depending on your needs.
  • Clients are finding it amazing the clarity they are achieving with with just a 20 or 25 minutes call.


New Teaching Space

The Gathering Place at Marine Street

Rent this elegant 370 square foot carpeted teaching space, within the Marine Street Healing Arts building at 2825 Marine St, Boulder.

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