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Birth Intuition!


This is a safe environment versed in the languages of Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, and Communication with your Spirit Baby.

Whether you are thinking about becoming pregnant, and are looking for a more holistic approach as you invite your spirit baby into your body.

OR if you are one of the 12% of families who are enduring the infertility merry- go-round.

PERHAPS you are pregnant, and want to better understand how to connect with your unborn spirit baby.

MAYBE you are a same sex couple wanting to better understand how to navigate the baby making maze and desire a more natural and love infused process.

OR perhaps you are an adoptive parent wanting to know more about and how to foster a deeper bond and connection with this new person who will be joining your family.

Whatever your unique story may be; this is the place where you can experience concrete and compassionate support as you discover your answers and next steps on your path of expanding your family.

Since 1996, Teresa has been integrating her distinctive, rich clinical background and skill sets as; a Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Midwife and Intuitive Counselor to create her cutting edge work as a provider of  Birth IntuitiveTM Counseling services.

This is a safe environment versed in the languages of Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, and Communication with your Spirit Baby.


Making the Birth Intuitivetm Counseling Connection with Your Spirit Baby

It really is not unusual or strange to want to understand how to connect with your unborn or spirit baby.

Although it is not talked about in our culture, most pregnant moms already have a way of connecting with their baby. The challenge many of them face lies in their not really understanding or trusting that communication.

I often hear “ I am not sure if I am imagining what I want to hear or if this is really coming from my baby (or baby spirit)?”

Or, “Sometimes I feel that someone might think that I am really crazy, but I could really feel my baby spirit, even though I turn up not pregnant every month!


Communicating with Your Unborn Baby Spirit is Your Birthright!

My strong belief is that you already know how to communicate with your unborn or yet to be conceived baby. In reality, what you may lack, is only a concrete awareness of your process; and/or confidence in your ability.spirit-baby-birth-intuitive-introduction

As a provider of Birth IntuitiveTM Counseling services, I provide information, support, and concrete tools to empower you to easily connect with your unborn baby.

I can also assist you in bridging the often confusing medical world with the intangible sphere of connecting with your unborn baby spirit in order to guide you in understanding your next steps.

I also believe in what I call cooperative parenting. This involves including into the conversation, the very person you are inviting into your family. Just because we cannot physically see them, does not mean that they do not have particular needs, preferences and requests.

Working with  Birth IntuitiveTM Counseling  can assist you with and empower you to:

  • Create a plan that supports you in getting pregnant and staying pregnant
  • Receive individualized coaching and support during IUI and IVF cycles
  • Resolve a pregnancy loss such as miscarriage or an abortion
  • Prevent or minimize pregnancy complications such as pre term labor and support in turning your breech baby
  • Learn as an Adoptive Parent how to connect with your future adopted baby/child
  • Understand  your path towards a successful Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)
  • Obtain guidance as a same sex couple, as you navigate the land of Artificial Reproductive Technology
  • Get clear about whether or not to have that third baby.


Simplicity, Clarity and Caring, ALL in One Place

My unique skill set as a provider of Birth IntuitiveTM Counseling services, saves my clients time and money. Where else during the same appointment could you work with a seasoned clinician who can:

review your lab work;

explore your mind/body belief connection and

assist you with connecting with your spirit baby?

For many of my clients, working with me is a luxury extra in their lives, that they quickly come to appreciate and deeply value. My clients share with me, that the peace of mind and clarity they obtain from their sessions, reduces their worries about making the right choices for themselves and decreases their overall stress.
I often hear that “I am worth every penny”.

Clearly knowing what your next steps are, will allow you to seek care from the provider( s) who will be most cost-effective for you and your road map.


If You are Questioning “Can I Do This”?

Know that, my goal, as a provider of Birth IntuitiveTM Counseling services, is to empower you to trust your inner wisdom and intuition. Using simple concrete tools and games, I support you in gaining proficiency and confidence in cultivating your ability to connect and communicate with your unborn spirit baby. This approach enables you, my clients to understand and to trust using your individual intuitive language.


Teresa is a real pioneer. I consider her work to be the Obstetrics of the future, which involves connecting with your baby intuitively before it is born, working in partnership with the baby’s consciousness. A big part of the beauty of her work is that it empowers women, helping them to reinforce their trust in their own inner wisdom.

– Christiane Northrup, M.D.


Since 1996, I have been empowering my clients in person, nationally and internationally; supporting them in connecting and communicating with their spirit baby.

I invite you to join me in communicating with your spirit baby. As you become fluent with the language of Birth Intuition, you will gain clarity in understanding your next steps as you expand your family.

I look forward to joining you on your journey!

 Here are some tools and information you might find useful along your way.





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