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Wednesday November 28, 2012
Vol. 5, Issue 1

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Where is Teresa?

I am so excited to have finally carved out the time from working with clients to sit down and to write!
At long last, I have created a schedule in which I have built in writing time. As a result I look forward to communicating more with you via this ezine.

During this time of holiday busyness, I am focusing on gifting myself at least 5 to 10 minutes a day to feel and envision my dreams and aspirations. The joy of experiencing the little miracles this creates continues to feed my soul.

At first dreams seem impossible, then improbable, then inevitable.

Christopher Reeve


Dreams always begin with envisioning them.

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Living Intuitive Observations

Dealing With Intensity

Just when it seems like it couldn’t get any more intense, or busy it does.I find that when things ramp up and when I come up from air, I discover many others around me who had encountered very similar challenges and themes.Once again, I am humbled and I realize that I really was not alone with my challenge, I just perceived or thought I was. Once I come out of my crab shell and reach out  to connect, I often learn about an astrological aspect that has co created that  particular weather disturbance in my life.For many of us, this has been true again since the middle of November. November 13th marked the beginning of a Lunar Eclipse cycle.

Per my astrologer Jyoti Wind, eclipses trigger a change that may not be fully realized for 3-6 months. They create a powerful spark for change.

The new moon eclipse on 11/13/12 created a “New cycle of healing and nurturing. Communication expands. Trust your intelligence to show you what you need to see. Courageous.”

With the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on November 28th:…. the identity search continues…who am I now and how do I want to bring myself into the world.”

Thus far in this cycle I have noticed that many of us who dance with thyroid issues are being impacted or activated by this pattern.Our thyroid lies in the throat/ fifth chakra.  This chakra is one that is a creative channel. We give and receive with our arms and hands. We sing, chant, and communicate with our voices. I love how this dovetails with what Jyoti shared…. A new cycle of healing and nurturing…communication expands.

So doesn’t it make sense that the gland responsible for modulating our metabolism our physical energy would be impacted?

I invite each of us to remember the part of “new cycle of healing and nurturing” forecast. I suspect for many of us we think of and turn to others who need healing and nurturing.

PLEASE remember to start with nourishing yourself first. It always amazes me that when I take the time to nurture myself how much more time, space and energy opens up in my life. Giving to myself first always generates more energy to authentically share with others. When I am energized, I am free to settle in and really BE with the person I am with.

In this time of evolutionary shifts and change, I invite you to take a moment to focus on you NOW.

Living Intuitive Meditation-Your Holiday TIME OUT


NoeticmanYour Holiday time out- meditation moment

The holiday season has become such a whirlwind of activity and expectations.

Many of us just buckle in, power through and count down the days to survive until January 2nd when the dust settles.

I invite you to gift yourself just 10 minutes a day to nourish yourself in body, mind and spirit. To support you in this, I am sharing with you a link to a 10 minute meditation.


General Living Making the Connection meditation, click here.

Pregnancy Making the Connection meditation , click here.

Boulder Networking Corner

Julias Kitchen for those of you living in or around the boulder area we have a great little café /bakery in which to nourish ourselves with gluten free and vegan home cooked feel good nourishing food. Support Group

Linda Weber is offering an abortion support group based on her book, Life Choices.

It’s scheduled to start in a couple of weeks here:

Linda Weber, counselor and author303-442-1394

Upcoming Workshops

Creating Intention Around Your Conception:Savoring the Secret Spicy Baby Creation Ingredient
November 29, 2012 6:30-8p

Learn how connecting with the essence of your spirit baby can add a heightened aspect and intimacy to baby creation. Join Teresa as we discuss what it means to create a baby with intention and invitation. Discover how including the energy of your baby adds that extra special something in your growing your family.
During this 90 minute class you will lean very easy and fun relaxation games you can easily use to connect with spirit baby in the bedroom.  Cost $25 SINGLE $30 couple

pregnant marble

Upcoming introduction to Birth Intuition(TM) class series.

TBA mid January

This 16 hour class happening in 6 meetings is approved for 16 DONA CEUs.

Students are invited to join long distance via tele-conferencing.

Each class is recorded so you are welcome to take the class at your leisure.

Cost $300 for the entire series or $450 for series and 90 minute reading with Teresa.

To participate, contact

or call 303-258-3904.


• Learn how to better understand and use your intuition with clients and to assist clients with connecting with the spirit of their baby

• Learn basic energy tools and techniques and how to use them with clients during pregnancy and postpartum

• Learn basic tenets of Perinatal Psychology and how to use them in a concrete manner during pregnancy and postpartum

• Learn how to do an in person and at distance energy healing

• Learn how to set up the birth space to be energetically optimal

• Learn what and how the baby needs to be welcomed in a mind, body and spiritual manner at birth

• Learn how to understand your life purpose

• Learn how to understand the unborn baby’s life purpose and soul agreement with their parents

• Weekly case review

Fun to Watch

Call the Midwife

I Loved, loved, loved this 5 part PBSseries.  For those of you who have not yet seen it, please do .The 5 series are still available to stream until 12/3/12 from the web site.Check it out

I loved how, even though this series depicted midwives from 60 years ago in another country- England, it still encapsulates the essence of midwifery that rings true today in 2012 in America.

The birth footage is breath takingly real and heartwarming.

“Call the Midwife is a moving and intimate insight into the colorful world of midwifery and family life in 1950’s East London. We are introduced to the community through the eyes of young nurse Jenny Lee as she arrives at Nonnatus House to live and work as a midwife alongside an Order of Nuns.

As Jenny comes to terms with her new life, we meet some phenomenal people who prove that their warmth, resilience and determination are to be admired beyond measure. At the heart of this world are the Sisters of St. Raymond Nonnatus who have been active in the East End as Anglican nursing nuns since the beginning of the 20th century.

The Sisters and the midwives of Nonnatus House carry out many nursing duties across the community. However, with between 80 and 100 babies being born each month in Poplar alone, their primary work is to help bring safe childbirth to women in the area and to look after their countless newborns. “


About Teresa


Teresa Robertson RN, MS, Certified Nurse Midwife, has been involved in the realms of women’s health, birth, and alternative healing for the past 29 years. During the past 12 years, she has shared these integrative tools of healing and knowing with numerous groups of clients and professionals.

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