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Well, would you believe that I had just about completed this post; anticipated posting it for New Years, when wham just like that, my January evaporated! On New Year’s Eve, I learned that my dad had just been hospitalized with a diagnosis of pneumonia. What 5 years as a Hospice Nurse deeply taught me was that at 81 ½, I knew it was going to be up to him to make his choice. My job was to hold for him a neutral space of acceptance. This absolutely required me to get out of my adrenalized space. When all was said and done, he made his choice and said no thank you to the David Bowie/ Alan Rickman bus. As soon as he came out of his medically induced 4 day “nap” he shared with me that there were still things he had wanted to do! How is that for the ultimate New Years Resolution! One of the powerful gifts I archived from spending time with my Dad in the hospital was my rediscovery and recognition of the many and varied aspects of my Dad that I carry within me.  From observing the origin of my eyelashes on his face as he slept; to how he compulsively arranged his over the bed table –  I was moved by the physical, emotional and energetic patterns that we both share.  Ah the powerful distillation of DNA and parenting! So now that I am back home and reintegrated; and he is thriving as he completes his PT rehab, I pick up the thread of this blog post. These lessons in skiing continued to serve me throughout this time of disruption, change and growth. Whether your feeling out of control journey may be: conceiving a pregnancy; maintaining a pregnancy; weathering the postpartum, toddler trenches; managing stress; navigating a transition in your relationship or work life-  these lessons from skiing are applicable to each of us in 2016!  So without further adieu enjoy this New Years Post! The Joy of Living Out of Control AKA Lessons From Skiing Recently we took a few days to cross country ski and to soak in the hot springs  in the magical San Juan Mountains just outside Telluride. It felt soo good to be outside with the dogs just playing ! unstructured! No phones! An opportunity to be, as we moved. With each passing season, I continue to discover nature as my most powerful teacher. Integral to the work I offer to childbearing women and families- is how to cultivate the deep understanding that nature is  the foundation of our bodies. Many of us forget that we are composed of the  very same  chemical elements as the earth.  Whether someone is on the Fertility Merry Go Round, anticipating Labor and giving Birth or experiencing the upheaval of a new baby; my role is to support and guide each woman/family to deeply understand how to BE and to TRUST. Nature mirrors to us how to resource by illustrating to us how to find and to remain in your center in the middle of your personal cyclone. As I back country skied I realized that although each journey is unique the process shares much in common. Here is What I Learned…… At times it felt overwhelming to be looking at yet...

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Make This One Change To Boost Your Day- Every Day!

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  Make This One Change To Boost Your Day – Every Day! TAKING A BREAK   We live in a world where admitting to having taken a nap or  to a moment of non productivity has become something to hide or to confess with guilt.  When we are tired, we take out our whips of caffeine, sugar and guilt to drive our bodies to do more.  Somehow, we have convinced ourselves that we are human machines instead of Human BEINGS! In our race for ultimate productivity, we forget that even machines, however productive they may be, need to stop for maintenance and repair. So what does this look like for our human bodies? Signs that our bodies are asking for maintenance (or a nicer way of saying it Self Caring) We Feel: Tired Hungry Bored Irritable Fearful Anxious When our bodies start to break down it starts to look like: Insomnia Depression Anxiety Thyroid disorders Adrenal Fatigue Inability to conceive- “Infertility” Weight gain or loss Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes High blood pressure …….. YOU get the idea SOOO  I going to suggest a simple but radical activity. Just one activity that can help you  to modify and reset from your habit of powering on. THIS ONE activity that can: ignite your creativity; increase  your feelings of calm and well being; decrease your stress; and paradoxically increase your productivity. Better yet, what if I told you this activity was free? I think I may have your attention. Let’s start calling Taking a Break an Activity!                                                                        That is right, something you could actually check off of your to do list! Lets even go a step further and rename it Giving myself a break. Now how would your life look and feel differently once you update your definition of Activity? For those who have worked with me and have played the nourishment exercise; you have already learned that napping, making love, getting a massage are all considered activities. I am going to encourage you to consider:  What if your body’s fatigue is its signal to you that I am Hungry! Or thirsty! My husband has learned when I am hungry I get very, very, very gritchy. He has even named her LBS (Low Blood Sugar)!   After 10 years, he now knows not to engage with me but to literally put something for me to eat into my hand. SOOO you say I don’t have time to slow down, I am so far behind!   What if I shared with you that if you slowed down, you would be more productive? Happier? That once you learn how to refuel – things  will fall into place in a new light. We all feel more in control and focused when we have something we can  actually do about an issue. What would it look like if instead your gave- not took- but gave yourself- 60 seconds to check in with your body to see what the feeling of fatigue is trying to get your attention about? I often suggest to clients to set a timer every 60 -90 minutes to remind them to give themselves their 60 seconds reset – reboot Here is your 60 second Reset- Reboot Remember Your key involves movement! Silence your phone. Step away from your electronic devices. Move out of your...

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The Uber Pregnancy – An URBAN MYTH

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 The Uber Pregnancy- An Urban Myth Now that all of the fan fare about Mother’s Day has passed, I thought I would talk about what pregnant moms really need for pregnancy support. Having been involved with pregnant moms since 1979, I believe that there has never been a more challenging time to be pregnant than now. I really feel for pregnant mamas. Being pregnant these days lands a pregnant mom within a minefield of polarization. Good and bad, right and wrong, black and white; whatever happened to the gray areas? The overriding cultural pressure that all women feel to be perfect, cascades and becomes amplified by the hormones and expectations of pregnancy. No longer is it enough to make a good choice- it has to be the Perfect Uber choice! And there are so many options from which to chose! The challenge of striving for perfection during pregnancy, is that it negates the ability for a mom or dad to dive into their gut authentic intuitive mama/papa bear knowing self. Instead decisions are made from the default of logic, fear, should’s and ought’s. Ironically, striving for that Uber pregnancy, strips a pregnant mama or papa of their distinctive signature self. Or as we have come to name it our individual brand! So many pregnant moms are so relieved when I share with them what they are experiencing is normal. Most especially when their experience is not what is projected as the ultimate ideal. Such as: Feeling ambivalent about being pregnant- normal and not uber; Feeling anxious or stressed about how you are going to do it all- normal not uber; Feeling afraid that you will not be able to  have your ideal birth- that you will fail at giving birth- again normal and not uber. Your normal is uniquely yours. There is such a range of how a perfectly normal pregnancy expresses it self.  Adhering to a vision of what a certain perfect ideal – limits you of  your individuality, specialness,  and ultimately your joy. An Uber Pregnnacy, by presenting an unobtainable ideal, may limit your curiosity and energy. It may limit your ability to explore, connect and understand how this new amazing  baby joining our world needs you to uniquely parent him/her. What I love most about the work I share as a Birth Intuitive TM Counselor, is how it empowers a parent to connect with and create an authentic relationship with their spirit baby by  including day to day decisions. I love supporting moms and dads in understanding, trusting, playing and growing  their connection with their unborn baby. Regardless if you are trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant; learning how to connect with, listen to, and negotiate with, the baby spirit who is joining your family, creates a concrete foundation of trust and connection. Trust is the antidote to fear and self doubting. This process of connecting with your spirit baby assists you with deeply knowing what this baby needs. Weighing in with this new family member really does help to mitigate the doubts, should haves,  could haves and guilt. In addition, when it comes time to interact with your health care provider you are making your choices out of this deep knowing and connection  between you and your baby. I believe that it is...

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I am NOT Stressed, I am just very Busy!

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Saturated with buzzers, bells, pings and deadlines, there is no way we can deny that we live in a stress filled to the brim world. Like the frog who does not realized they are slowly being boiled, we constantly adapt to and normalize the stress in our daily lives. UNTIL…… For many women, stress as usual way of living gets busted once we desire to or become pregnant. So, although we can minimize or gloss over our stress in our minds- our bodies speak amplified volumes about our stress. So what does it look like when my body is shouting at me I am stressed? DID YOU KNOW THAT? 85-90% of the time a Hypothyroid diagnosis (low thyroid) is really Hashimotos-an autoimmune thyroid disease ?  Or that your bodies response to stress is to divert circulation( nutrients) away from your pelvis to your vital organs (brain, heart, lungs Kidneys)? Or that this decreasing circulation to your ovaries, tubes and uterus can contribute to diminished egg quality, not ovulating and poor uterine lining? SO, although you may not feel stressed; a thyroid disorder, shortened menstrual cycle, low progesterone levels, not ovulating, and poor egg quality are all ways your reproductive system shouting at you I AM STRESSED!!!! Please slow down and NOURISH ME !!!. Women’s bodies are designed to reproduce only when conditions are safe.The level of the stress hormone cortisol, is part of a feedback loop to your pitituary gland in your brain to either give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to  your body ovulating. During ongoing stress, your body will borrow from your other hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone ( all key hormones in reproduction) to make more cortisol. So you ask, what can I do to shift and support my body with my daily stress?   YOUR 60 SECOND  STRESS BUSTING GAME STEP ONE AWARENESS Your first step is being aware that all of the bells, buzzers, deadlines do affect your bodies release of stress hormones. STEP TWO CALMING Your second step is learning how to calm your bodies response to that stressor. This simple relaxation game cane be easily fit in throughout your day. RELAXATION GAME 1. I am suggesting that you try playing this simple relaxation game with your nervous system every 60-90 minutes throughout your day. Find a fun, calming, or funny alert or ring tone on your phone. 2. Set it to get your attention every 60 to 90 minutes throughout your day 3. When you hear the signal commit to taking a deep breath and either go outside into nature, shut your  door, or if all else fails go to the bathroom. (For many of us the bathroom is a place where we can shut the door and naturally ground our bodies). 4. With your next deep breath be aware of grounding your body As you inhale, imagine from the soles of your feet, energy from any where in the earth which meets your needs in this moment flowing into your feet and up your legs. When it arrives to the base of your spine ( first chakra) imagine it flowing to the absolute center of this area. From the center of this chakra, imagine a connecting structure stretching as wide a your body a connection from the...

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Creating Your Successful Change

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From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly Creating  Your Successful Change   About this time in January, for many of us, our New Year’s aspirations that shined so brightly on 12/31 /14  have started to dim. As the sheen of your new intentions have started to loose their luster, you may be asking yourself why? “This was something I really wanted to change in my life. Why isn’t it working?” Creating a lasting change is hard. If someone tells you otherwise they are misleading you. The stark reality is, that for a change to succeed, we need to understand how our brain works. We literally need to re wire our brains in order for create successful change. Essentially our beliefs get hard wired by time we are 5 years old. Understanding that your beliefs serve as your behind the scenes operating system, is a critical first step to create successful change in your live. Naming and updating your beliefs is the next essential step in any effective long term change. Suggestions for Creating Your Successful Change 1.  Focus on changing or shifting one small habit. Make that one small change easy to do.  Ex. putting your gym bag by the door 2.  Be Kind to yourself 3.  Ask yourself regarding the desired change  What are my Hopes/Fears? Strengthens/Weaknesses? Obstacles? Needs? Resources? Expectations? 4. Design your change action plan around the answers you receive. 5.  Commit to the new behavior for 40 days. This will give your brain/nervous system the opportunity to re wire your responses. 6.  During those 40 days. Create a immediate reward or validation . For example it could be you get to sit down and read, take a bath, have a quiet cup of tea. Maybe up front, you write yourself 40 different – you did a great job messages and you get to pull them after your completed change behavior for each of those 40 days. 7.  Spend time in nature 8.  Take to integrate- have fun, be quiet- yes quiet. This may mean reading, taking a nap, going inside for some just me time. Now for those of you who are moms- that may mean just 10 minutes in the bathroom with the door closed. However you chose to get it, quiet time is an essential ingredient for our nervous systems to create lasting change. Our nervous system needs to prune, grow  and re integrate. 9.  Be Kind to Yourself! Bears Repeating. NOURISHING YOURSELF This is my new favorite mid afternoon pick me up. For me, it’s nourishing effect carries over to create a solid nights sleep. The ginger is anti viral. If you are pregnant or in the second half of your cycle wanting to be pregnant, I would skip the ginger, and pepper and perhaps add some mint. Ginger is a stimulant and an Emmenagogue. Emmenagogues are herbs which stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus; some stimulate menstruation. Tummeric is anti inflammatory-( Be aware tummeric stains)    Golden Tea Recipe 2 cups of Milk- cow or other ex rice, almond, hemp Tumeric 1 tsp, Ginger powder 1 tsp p A sprinkle of black pepper Simmer all ingredients for couple of minutes, turn it off and let it steep for 10 minutes, Add honey to taste – Um Um good!  ...

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‘Tis the Season -Once Again!

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WHERE’S TERESA? HI all! This week I just completed the first major stage of my web site remodel. What this means is you can now find me at and all in the same location. I invite you to check out the new site. As I was reviewing my ezine archives I came upon Tis the Season, a piece I wrote 5 years ago. It’s timelessness struck me. So here it is for your enjoyment. Photo below by Jeanne Barriera. Enjoy! Teresa Tis the Season to Feel Our Grief and Sorrow This year, a significant number of my clients have experienced loss and transition. Whether it was a miscarriage, infant loss, death of a family member, pet, or a relationship ending in divorce; I had the privilege to support you with my Intuitive Midwifery skills. What strikes me time and time again, is the utter disregard embedded deep within our culture for acknowledging and supporting the grief process. Because of this disregard, too many grievers hide and stuff their needs for grieving in a healthy manner, thereby hindering their healing. Unfortunately, the holiday season is a time when the land mines of grief reemerge unbidden. This is not a time we are feeling jolly, but when our grief comes forward unheeded and on full volume. This has been an intense year. I have observed around me, that there is not one of us who has not been impacted this year by a loss. If not within our own personal lives, then by someone close by. During this season, what each of the cultural and religious groups are celebrating is the return of light and hope into our lives. Our days start getting longer and we slowly start the rotation towards summer. So with the return of light and hope, lets remember to honor the grief. The gift or seed that lies within grief’s inherent physical and emotional pain; is the opportunity to open up and break through to patterns and a new self. I believe that an authentic journey of grief necessities REBIRTH. Grief is messy, liberating, empowering and a tool for transformation and transcendence. Below I am sharing some concrete suggestions of how to honor your grief process during this time of light, hope and rebirth.  Choose your social engagements consciously. Pick only the settings, and social gathering which will feed you. It can take an amazing amount of energy to maintain being jolly and “appropriate” to hide what is real for us. So what might feed you more may be a smaller dinner party; or a gathering of friends playing games. As opposed to a large festive holiday gathering. Nourish and maintain traditions that feed your soul. For example, over the past 8 years I have hosted a tea party at our local tea house. This is a tradition I have chosen to maintain this year. However, decorating the house feels like a waste of my energy and resources so I am letting that one go for this year. Move some activities into January a time of year when there is a sudden drop off of activities and it is just as cold and dreary outside. This way you and the friends and family you really want to connect with can meet and really recharge. Give...

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Time to Catch UP!

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  Where’s Teresa? Well it has been a very long time. The 15 months from January 2013 through May 2014 were months of personal grieving. In January 2013 my mother died. Then, a short while after coming up for air- or to be honest, off the couch and away from the dvr/ remote, it was clear that our dog Happy was in need of doggie Hospice. Over the years, many of you have met Happy in person. For many more of you who are long distance, Happy was present in my home office, during your sessions. Often he would just appear into the room to energeticallybe present. He was indeed a healer dog. Happy died 4 days short of his official 16 Birthday. I like to say he was really 16 when you take out the leap years. His spirit soared off with the 4 deer that spontaneously appeared in our yard. Given how despondent Sunny, our 4 year old “puppy” remained, and how many amazing photos of rescue dogs came into my inbox from the Summit Dog rescue ( our new puppy William Bear joined us in his forever home just 4 UPCOMING EVENT- BOULDER AUGUST 22, 2014 Join me Friday evening  August 22nd, 6p at the newly opened Birth Center of Boulder For a movie screening and panel discussion fundraisre for improving birth. I will be joining the panel discussion about birth Improving Birth is a non-profit advocacy organization out of San Diego, CA. It was founded with the mission to bring humanity back to childbirth and help promote evidence-based childbirth practices.      , CO The movie is called Red Tent and you can see the trailer here: WHAT’S NEW? Living at 8200 feet, spring arrives in June. After our mountain spring, I emerged with a renewed focus and energy . It has been so much fun to work with some of you with whom I have not had contact for a few years. In addition, I started redirecting my creative energies toward remodeling my web site. This fall I anticipate the arrival of the new streamlined web site. This newer site will make it easier for me to blog more often. I plan on pruning the site. As a result, I look forward to any feedback you may have about information you have enjoyed and found valuable on the current site.  If any of you have photos, stories or testimonials you would like to share with me to use in the new site please send them my way. WEB REMODEL: CONTACT TO SUBMIT PHOTOS, STORIES OR TESTIMONIALS FOR THE NEW SITE THE WAY WE BEGIN FILM PROJECT Recently a local film make has interviewed me for her film series. “THE WAY WE BEGIN is a documentary film series that follows a young doula, and aspiring midwife, around the world as she documents the greater meaning and significance in the way we all begin our lives.” I invite you to check out this clip on Facebook. While you are there- Like the page and pass it along! Living Intuitive Meditation I Invite You to a Challenge !   In this meditation moment segment I am inviting you to a challenge. Recently, I was brave and wise enough to leave my cell phone at home...

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Holiday TIME OUT

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Wednesday November 28, 2012 Vol. 5, Issue 1 Published each month. You are on our list because you signed up for one of our programs. To change your subscription, see link at end of email.   Click here to sign up for future ezines. Where is Teresa?   I am so excited to have finally carved out the time from working with clients to sit down and to write! At long last, I have created a schedule in which I have built in writing time. As a result I look forward to communicating more with you via this ezine. During this time of holiday busyness, I am focusing on gifting myself at least 5 to 10 minutes a day to feel and envision my dreams and aspirations. The joy of experiencing the little miracles this creates continues to feed my soul. At first dreams seem impossible, then improbable, then inevitable. Christopher Reeve   Dreams always begin with envisioning them. For those of you wanting to gift yourself or someone else with some intuitive guidance, GIFT certificates are always available at                                            Living Intuitive Observations Dealing With Intensity Just when it seems like it couldn’t get any more intense, or busy it does.I find that when things ramp up and when I come up from air, I discover many others around me who had encountered very similar challenges and themes.Once again, I am humbled and I realize that I really was not alone with my challenge, I just perceived or thought I was. Once I come out of my crab shell and reach out  to connect, I often learn about an astrological aspect that has co created that  particular weather disturbance in my life.For many of us, this has been true again since the middle of November. November 13th marked the beginning of a Lunar Eclipse cycle. Per my astrologer Jyoti Wind, eclipses trigger a change that may not be fully realized for 3-6 months. They create a powerful spark for change. The new moon eclipse on 11/13/12 created a “New cycle of healing and nurturing. Communication expands. Trust your intelligence to show you what you need to see. Courageous.” With the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on November 28th:…. the identity search continues…who am I now and how do I want to bring myself into the world.” Thus far in this cycle I have noticed that many of us who dance with thyroid issues are being impacted or activated by this pattern.Our thyroid lies in the throat/ fifth chakra.  This chakra is one that is a creative channel. We give and receive with our arms and hands. We sing, chant, and communicate with our voices. I love how this dovetails with what Jyoti shared…. A new cycle of healing and nurturing…communication expands. So doesn’t it make sense that the gland responsible for modulating our metabolism our physical energy would be impacted? I invite each of us to remember the part of “new cycle of healing and nurturing” forecast. I suspect for many of us we think of and turn to others who need healing and nurturing. PLEASE remember to start with nourishing yourself first. It always amazes me that when I take the time to nurture myself how much more time, space and energy opens up in my...

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The Only Constant is Change

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      Tuesday, August 31, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 4 Published each month. You are on our list because you signed up for one of our programs. To change your subscription, see link at end of email.   Where is Teresa? Where’s Teresa?                                              Now that is a question I have been hearing from many of you lately.              “Did you stop writiing your ezine?” “Have i somehow missed the last few?” The answer to both of these questions is NO. As I will share more in this months Living Intuitive Observations section;like many of you, my attention and energy has been pulled away by what I call personal growth surges. Once again you see the word CHANGE in this months title. It seems for myself and everyone around me the only constant these days is CHANGE, and its resulting growth. Speaking of growth check out the latest picture of our ball obsessed Puppy Sunny,standing on our new front porch. September 4th marks our first year of sharing joy and tennis balls with her. Boy how fast did that go?    Enjoy!           Teresa Living Intuitive Observations The Only Constant is CHANGE !  HAPPY end of Mercury retrograde! I know that it feels like it is mercury retrograde all the time. However, this past one just finished on Friday the 26th. The next one does not roll around again until December 13,2011.During the past 3 ½ weeks when Mercury was retrograde you might have noticed obscure details coming up for review along with things needing repair.The reason why we may feel that it is mercury retrograde all the time is that we are experiencing very short if not miniscule breaks in between immense life changes aka as another “growth experience”.Constant change, movement and at times disruption have become the norm.. Our brains are wired for new and exciting experiences. All of these constant growth “opportunities” contribute to boosting  and satisfying our brain; while upgrading our skill sets of flexibility, adaptation, and creativity as we cope and respond to these new challenges. The key to discovering joy, wonder and amazement in the midst of change and turmoil; hinges on our ability to grab a few moments of reflection during the moments in between the growth surges. I would like to share a quick recap of my growth surges and the wisdom I gleaned once I took some time to reflect, since my last ezine. During April- May (which right now feels like it was 2 years ago!) We  moved twice. We are now 1 mile south of the town of Gold Hill, at the apex of the burn zone. It was not until 2 weeks before needing to move for the first time, did we know where we were going to live for the 2 week interim before landing into our new home. Except for our final move in day, did I me ntion that it snowed for most of the month of May? So here are some tips  I learned about navigating through not knowing: 1. Ask for help from both the physical and non physical planes. I called my friend Sally a couple of times,who reassure d me that it all was going to work out.This immediately stopped any current fretting; Also ask for help from your helpers an guides.                                    2....

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Moving with Change

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  Friday, April 8, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 3 Published each month. You are on our list because you signed up for one of our programs. To change your subscription, see link at end of email. Where is Teresa? The emergence of Spring with its longer and brighter days, coupled with packing for our upcoming two-part move has nudged me with the following questions: What brings me joy? What will bring me joy in this moment? What do I wish to create? What do I need and desire to keep? What is it time to release and discard? What in my life is important to keep and amplify? The recent world events reverberating change (from the political uprisings to the environment changes and disaster in Japan), direct each of us to drop inside to probe and find our individual answers to these questions. If you find that you get stuck understanding your answers or are curious to better understand your life purpose, know that there are several simple but powerful intuitive tools I am able to share with you in order to gain more clarity to your next steps. To contact Teresa for next steps reading, email or call 303-258-3904. Enjoy Spring! Teresa Living Intuitive Observations The Gifts from Conscious Surgery Preparation In the past year, many of my very “healthy” friend’s and client’s bodies have needed to receive healing in the form of surgery. This includes my husband’s journey 18 months ago. Why surgery? Why now? In each situation, the gift available for each individual was the opportunity to reset long and strongly held conditionings, beliefs and templates within their body/mind template. For example, one intention we had the anesthesiologist suggest to my husband was that his long standing insomnia would be resolved. Another opportunity afforded by the unconscious state of anesthesia, is to set the intention of reviewing your life purpose with your guides and spiritual advisors. Surgery provides the perfect occasion to reset and to realign your soul’s life purpose and intention into the fabric of your life. I also believe that many of us are choosing to use surgery, as life review experience without having to experience death or a near death experience. Entering the surgical suite consciously, with intention, and as an active participant with your surgeon and anesthesiologist also puts you in the position to be present as an empowered member of your healing team. In September 2009, my usually “healthy” husband very unexpectedly needed to undergo an open heart surgical procedure in order to replace an infected and damaged heart valve. I was so thankful that one of our close friends, for whom I had previously supported and coached through her own surgery 2 years earlier, reminded me to prepare something for the anesthesiologist to read to him while he was under anesthesia. We used the 30 minutes before his surgery to write out some simple healing affirmations, gratitude statements, and simple post surgery healing suggestions for his body to listen to from his anesthesiologist during his surgery. Those intentions and affirmations along with choosing his favorite Coltrane CD helped us to feel that part of us where there with him in the OR. I love supporting clients in consciously preparing for and recovering from a surgical healing.  To learn more...

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